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Hi, friends! In this post I will tell you about two wonderful places where you can spend awesome time in hot summer days . So if you will be in Belgarde during summer I strongly recommend you visit both of them ...

First place is new EKO PARK that was opened in April 2019 . The idea of the park is to be a place close to nature - surrounded by forest , their own garden with fruit trees and other fermers area , you will see there horses , goats , geese , peacocks , ponies. Two playgrounds for children in the garden and one on the higher floor in the restaurant . There are also suspension bridge  and little lake . The park is not big , but the atmosphere is great and you surelly can spend here 2-3 awesome hours...Location : Saveza Boraca 7j , Beli potok , Beograd , close to mountain Avala . The best way to come here is by car or taxi.

Second place is BOTANICAL  GARDEN JEVREMOVAC , and this is our favorite place for family walking in summer and spring seasons. This is a place of peace and quite...So beautiful  ! You can see here hundrends of different trees and flowers , palms , orchids and cactus (in special greenhouse ) , see Japan garden , relax and enjoy the nature . Entry in the garden costs 250 rsd for adult (around 2 $) and free for kinds under 10 years. And this is quite easy to be found as it located in the city center , address Takovska street , 43 . Visit this place , I"m sure you will love it  ;)

Please see my video from Botanical Garden that I placed on  MY  YOUTUBE CHANNEL (as new youtuber I will appreciate your support :)

Thank you for your attention!

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