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Hi, friends! In this post I will share with you my passion about perfume, will show you my collection of miniatures and tell you about my ways of finding information about perfume for blind purchases. So, if you also love perfumes continue read this post, I think you will like it ;)

I started to be interested in perfumery many years ago, I mean trying to find not just "pleasant smell", but something, that will move me to harmony, create "mood of the day" and makes me feel special...But only 5 months ago I"ve found absolutely awesome and (as I know ) the most popular and useful site for all perfume lovers Fragrantica , there are english and russian versions. And , oh my God, how it"s interesting to read about notes, designers, some historic information , and surelly reviews from other people about perfumes, usual buyers and collectors. All this hepled me to find my favorite notes in perfumery, analized my previous perfumes - why did I liked them or not, find brands that are mostly interested for me , so now when I"m in , for example, Sephora or some shop like this, I will not be confused by huge amount of beautiful bottles, thinking how can I smell all these 10-15 perfumes that attracts me at first sign ;) No, now when I have some information about luxe brands concepts I will choose just definite of them.
Recently I made two things that I never did before : I made some blind perfume purchases (and they are sucsessful!) and I "ve purchased two niche perfume - before I used just luxe brands. About blind purchases - I really think that it"s possible! If you know your notes, and you read reviews from other people about their impressions and feel that is close to your expectations , but you have no possibility to test perfume offline - than don"t hesitate to buy it! My blind purchases were Loewe and Prada  miniatures , and I love both of them. They are for different moods and seasons, but both of them are unique.  Usually I buy perfume miniatures from trusted Ebay sellers, Spain and France mostly.

My niche perfumery purchases (also blind by the way!) were Amouage Journey Woman  and Montale Intense Cafe . I feel the difference with luxe perfumes, maybe because of higher quality components or some other reasons these perfumes are really seems to be higher class, but in the same time I understand ...that luxe brands are more understandable (if I can use this word) and maybe closer to my feelngs (surelly there are thousands niche perfumes , I just tell about these two) , and I"m not sure if I would like to test some more from Montale or Amouage...Maybe some other niche brand perfumes in the future, will see ...

Well , let"s show you what I have in my perfume collection right now! By the way, I have only miniatures , from 5ml to 7.5 ml. Why? Because I love to test new perfumes often, my faorites are changing quite fast, and I just can not use whole 50 ml or 100 ml bottle, not interesting for me. Sometimes there is no 30 ml , so I prefer miniatures. Besides , these little bottles are soooo cute! ;) Will collect the most beautiful empty bottle after using , just for esthetic pleasure ;)

 My collection :

LOEWE QUIZAS eau de parfum
PRADA CANDY FLORALE eau de toilette
LANCOME MIRACLE eau de parfum
BURBERRY BODY TENDER eau de toilette
LANCOME  LA VIE EST BELLE  eau de parfum (no on the photo)


 I love them all! As I said, they are for different moods , feelings and seasons  , but the most favorite now are  YSL Parisienne (my perfume signature at the moment  , the most sexy  rose I"ve even smell !)  and Miracle LANCOME.  La vie est belle from Lancome is perfect for Winter (because of gourmand vibes) , and Prada Candy Florale - perfect for summer (love these lemons plus peony).
My favorite NOTES in perfume  , as I understand from my experience, are rose, peony , vanilla , blackberry or black currant , pear...
I  plan to expand my collection of miniatures ;) Have some in wish list, for now I dream about Flora by Gucci  and Si Passione by Giorgio Armani . Would like also experiment again with niche perfumes, now me atracts Noir de Noir by Tom Ford.
I surelly will make more posts about perfumes in the future, so stay turned. Hope this post was interesting for you and you get some inspiration ;)

Thank you for your attention! 

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