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Hi, friends! This post will be full of fashion inspiration, we will talk about black color, total black outfits and how we can make them more chic and interesting using accessories and make up.

Can it be something more elegt and chic than black color ? Black was a favorite color of Gabriel Chanel , a lot of fashionistas all around the world adore black outfits , in instagram we can find total black outfits fashion accounts . Some of fashion icons say ""If you don''t know what to wear but want to look chic than choose black " , and I''m absolutely agree with them! You can not go wrong with black . Black dress, black suit or black jeans + black silk top ...all of theese outfits will help you to be confident and stylish in easy way.  I can also say that black became even a synonym of intelligence and elegance.

I also love blakc, and last years I noticed that I have more and more black clothes in my wardrobe. Black blazer is a must have , when you add it in casul combination of white t-shirt + blue jeans, the whole look upgrades immediatelly. There is nothing better (in my oipnion) than black dress for a romantic meeting . Black silk or satin top / blouse with jeans is one of my favorite combinations. 

When I prepared this post for you , I have found stylish total black outfits to show you that total black can not be boring or too ''strick' . Some tricks how you can make your total black look more interesting and attractive :

1. Add statement jewelry - earrings or bracelets or necklace - depends on your preferencies

2. Red lips . Use red lipstick in your make up , and the whole look will immediatelly become more chic

3. Use different textures of your black clothes , for example, black silk + black velver , black leather + black satin etc .

Let"'s see total black outfits and get a lot of fashion inspiration ! :) 

Thank you for your attention !

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