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Hi, friends! In this post I would like to discuss french style with examples of french fashion bloggers . It would be , so called, french style guide ...

Fashion and France are synomyous for the hundreds of years , Paris is one (or maybe be even the most!) of the most inspirable places in the world when we talk about style, elegance and chic. So it's not surprising  that the style of french is of great interest.

I love french style ! This is simple but chic, elegant but not too much , basic but not boring. I follow some french fashion bloggers in Instagram like Leia Sfez , Jeanne Damas , Sabina Socol ,  often read diffenet information about french style details and tips, prefer it for my own wardrobe. In this post I will share with you my opinion about what I've noticed to be must have in a wardrobe of most french girls.

As I can see , basic colors like black , navy , brown and white are the most favorite. And the most favorite print is floral . Also very often I can see Denim in french fashionistas outfits . Jeans is most adorable part of the looks , also denim skirts can be noticed in many outfits.

For outwear TRENCH  and dark color BLAZER   are must haves, they combine it with high neck jumpers , cami top or t-shirts.


WHITE Shirt , a little bit, oversize, is a must. As well as  Basic T-shirts (mostly white, black and navy ) , silky camis and button up blouses.

DRESSES ! In this cathegory I often see short sleeve wrap dresses (mostly midi lenght and with floral or polka dot print) , french girls often wear it with cozy cardigans . And also silk slip dress is a must .

If we talking about SHOES the most favorite are flats (beige or black ), ankle boots , low heel boots and white sneakers.

Accessories : first of all , Bags. Mostly they are leathet or straw , favorite style are bucket bag and cross body.
French gils love sunglasses , and use it in mostly outfits.
Jewelry : gold hoops seems to be the first pair of earrings and absolute must have! They wear it in every day outfits.
Gold pendant necklaces , coin pendant necklaces , combination of two chain necklaces - all this I see very often in french fashionistas looks.

                                                                                                                                                                               I really hope this post was useful for you and if you, like me, loves french style so you can find here some style  tips and inspiration ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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