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Hi , friends! Today I will show you my new two beauty products for cleansing routine, and say some words about them as I have tested them both for some weeks and have my opinion already. 

Let''s start with korean one, and this is MISSHA SUPER SEED CLEANSING FOAM with green tea. My lovely lovely Missha! If you read my blog regullary , than you already know how I love this korean beauty brand and for now all of their products worked perfect on my skin. And this new cleansing foam became one more awesome beauty product for my skin care. Cleansing foam similar to another one from Missha - Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing foam , read my post about it Here. Small amount of this product needs for making a lot of foam , that clean face and neck skin perfect ! I feel how it leaves my skin super clean , without making skin dry or irritated (my skin is very sensitive) . Green tea seed containing super food nutrients to help make skin soft and smooth. This tube contains 150 ml of the foam, and from my experience I know that it will lasts long long period. Strongly recommend :)

Another beauty product for cleansing routine is LA ROCHE - POSAY TOLERIANE CARING WASH . First time when I used it I was a little bit confused...I took a small amout of the product, apply on my wet face skin as usual and ...it did not make nothing. No foam , no cleansing feelings, just some soft texture cream on my face. When I washed my face with water, I did not felt the skin is clean. I started to find some information about this beauty product in internet, I found that this product was created by LA ROCHE - POSAY for extremly delicate clean care for hyper sensitive and irritated skin. I tryed again and again , and here is what I can say. In reality it cleans and hidratates in the same time, but this is absolytet not for people that wants extremly clean skin after washing, not for combine or oily skin . If you have dry skin , with blemish or irritating areas - than I suppose this super delicate cleansing was will be really good. Not my type of beauty product , but as a whole this cleansing wash is not bad.

Thank you for your attention !

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