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Hi, friends ! Today I would like to tell you about my favorite perfume for now , my signature scent, besides the most favorite from Amouage .

This perfume is called CRIMSON ROCKS, it was launched in 2020 , the nose behind is  Domitille Michalkn-Bertier . A saw a lot of negative reviews about this scent, on fragrantica.com for example. But it doesn't matter , I adore it! For now I have original sample 2 ml, and perfume has so strong longevity that it lasts so long ! 

I would like to show you official pyramid , and after will share my imptession, what I feel actually. 

So, what I feel when I spray Crimson Rocks on my skin ? Cinnamon, some other spieces and cherry ! Something like liqueur cherry or hookah cherry (nargile). This smell intkxicates and enchantes ! Later (in a base) it becames more powdery and tender. As I said before, the longevity and sillage are strong , and feel it during 7-8 hours for sure. 

I love also a bottle and a color, pink-fuchsia, in my mind it fits for the perfume. 


The story of perfume is also interesting. When creating this perfume was inspired by the crimson colour of the Rock Rose of Al Hajar and the shade of it's mountains illuminated by the sun in April 🌞

If you still didn't test Amouage Crimson Rocks I strongly recommend you do it , maybe you also will fall in love , like me ❤

Thank you for your attention!

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