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Hi, everyone! Hope you are great! You know , when I thought about theme of next post , I decided that as there will be holidays soon and all we need to buy gifts (and also to buy something pretty for ourself on winter sales :)) than we need some extra cash...And I suppose today's post about how to earn some money by selling clothes/accessories/etc. that you don't need more can be useful and interesting for you.
Well , I absolutely sure that everyone has in wardrobe some pieces , that she/he don't like any more, or size became smal and million other reasons why some clothes just take place in wardrobe without sence. I like to sell such kind of things that I don't need and make this easy money that I can waste for something really useful . I will share with you some places and tips about selling in internet. Let's start!

I know it's not a surprise for you :) but I would like to share with you some tips about selling on Ebay. If you think that make photos, write description , put your items on this site and wait for buyers are enought - no, you are wrong. I recommend you to promote your items in order to attract more visitors and potential buyers. How I do it? I put links to items in appropriate groups in Google+ . Write 'Ébay' in search in Google+ and find communities , where you can promote your items. There are a lot of appropriate communities for Ebay sellers, surelly all this is free and give a good result and a lot of visitors - according my big experience. Besides you can find communities for Ebay sellers amoung Facebook groups - I recommend you group "Ebay thrifters" .

If you have some branded pieces for selling I recommend you visit this site . Vestiaire Collective was created especially for branded finds , and you can sell (or buy) here clothes and accessories of famous brands. I have experience of sales on this site, and I'm fully satisfied of their services. How it works: you put photos and description on site, if someone wants to buy your find you will receive offer from buyer , and if you agree to sell than you send your item to Vestiaire Collective main office in Paris for their expertise - they will check is it authentic and is condition true to your description. So you don't communicate directly with buyer . The comission of the site is 30% , you decide if it's high or low , but this is a price for their services. Your money you will get immediately after control of your item , not waiting while buyer will take it. As I've already told I was fully satisfied when I sold some my branded items here that's why I recommend you to check it.

De Pop is an application that you can use on your phone, so it can be very easy and fast make photos and immediately put them on this platform. I cann't say that I had a lot of visitors and that application is the best place for selling - no, but I deserves to know about it and maybe even try to sell here, why not, you will just increase you chances to sell when putting your items in different sources. I had some sales here, can't say bad things about it. As I know some world famous bloggers like Chiara Ferragni has their online shops on De Pop where sell their clothes , so I'm sure this platform is quite good place for some internet commerce anyway.

Don't forget about such obvius and good places for selling like Facebook groups. I recommend you to find some lokal groups - in your city , or at least in your country - so it will be easy and faster to deal with people without shipping abroad. For example, I 've sold a lot of things in some local Belgrade groups and it was good experience. Usually members of these groups are quite active so you will surelly will have a lot of visitors and potencial clients. So check it.

Well, friends, I hope I didn't forget nothing  and told you about my favorite places for selling. I really really hope it will be useful for you and maybe will help you also make some cash before holidays ;) Thank you for your attention and see you soon!


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