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NYX EXTRA CREAMY ROUND LIPSTICKS : Shades "Milan" and "Minimalism"

NYX  EXTRA  CREAMY ROUND LIPSTICKS : My review .Shades "Milan" and "Minimalism"

Hi, friends! These days I"ve bought some lipsticks from NYX official corner in my city, and I"m ready to share my impressions with you ;) Will talk about Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks , I have shades "Milan"621  and "Minimalism" 615A . If you are interested in not expensive but great quality lipsticks with soft texture and gorgeous colors - than read the post :)

Well, first of all I would like to say that about NYX I heard from a lot of Youtube beauty bloggers , and mostly they were impressed by matt Nyx lipsticks like Soft Matte Lip cream and seria Lingerie Lipsticks. I was interested in matt lipsticks and bought Soft matte lip cream in most favorited shade "Cannes" . You can see my review for it in THIS post. It looks great at firts times I"ve used it, but a little bit later I"ve noteced that my lips became too dry after this lipstick and a color doesn"t look vivid on lips , but look dull and "too dry". So I was a little bit disappointed and forget about NYX for some time. And these days when walking in city center just occasionally found official NYX corner and decided to see if something will attracts my attention. When I saw these Creamy Lipsticks I made swatches of some colors on my hands, they looks awesome and I decided to buy one to test - why not , the price is quite low. After applying it on lips at home I was able to say just one word - "WOW!" . So natural delicate color, so soft creamy texture and chic , "expensivly" looking lips ! Just really really cool! It was shade "MILAN" 621 , I just fall in love in these gorgeous shade and quality. Below on photos ""MILAN " shade is a little bit darker than "Minimalism". "Milan" 621 has a pink-purple shades, "Minimalism"615A - pink-beige shades. Not a big difference , exactly as I wanted.

Started to find some reviews in internet for these lipsticks seria and was surprised that there is so little info about these cool and good quality lipsticks, but almost everyone write about how gorgeus matte Nyx lipsticks are! Really? Lipsticks that turn your lips into "desert" are gorgeous? Strange :( Anyway I"m happy that I occasionally found this CREAMY seria instead of not so many reviews. Next day I decided to buy one more :) More casual shade , that I will wear everyday , and I "ve chosen "Minimalism" 615A shade , it will be perfect nude for my lips! Like also "Fig" shade , maybe will buy in future.
See how they look on lips - first one, which is darker , is "Milan" ,  second, nude, is "Minimalism".

Besides colors and texture I like also ingredients like Bees wax, Candelilla wax and Carnauba wax. Also I read some reviews from others about ingredients of these lipsticks and people who understand something about chemical things said that there is nothing dangerous included and ingredients for lipsticks are quite good as a whole. Good news. So , I love my new creamy lipsticks , recommend you to pay attention for them and may be you also will find perfect shades for your lips like me.

Thank you for your attention!

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