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NOVI SAD : awesome city

NOVI SAD : awesome city with a spirit of Austro-Hungarian Empire

Hi, everyone! Today I will tell you about our recent trip in Novi Sad , second largest city in Serbia , and show you some moments of these awesome two days.

Well, before visiting Novi Sad I heard a lot of interesting things about this city , that architecture is quite different from Belgrade"s architecture , that city looks more "european" , because a lot of years ago Novi Sad was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire and this fact influenced on city spirit and culture.
We started our trip from Belgrade (where I live as you know) and going with a train during 2 hours and here we are, on the train station in Novi Sad. It"s not so far from city center , so you can go on foot for 30 minutes and will reach old city center.
Walking in the old city on these cute narrow streets is quite pleasure , you can see a lot of colorful awesome buildings, pretty caffes , especially on the main street - Dunavska street , you will surelly find place where to relax with a cup of cappuccino or glass of wine :) On the main square - Trg Slobode (Liberty Square) - you will find the gorgeous Roman catholic Church with Neo-Gothic design and statue of historical figure of 19th century Svetozar Miletic , which was a former mayor of Novi Sad  when the city was the part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


 We also have visited Dunavski Park (Danube Park ) , the central park in Novi Sad . Can not say that this is something special , but it"s good place to relax and take a rest while walking in the shadows of trees or sitting on the grass near small pond .

Our next stop was in Petrovaradin Fortress , we reach this sightseing for about 40 minutes from old city center , so it"s not so far but be ready to go up to the fortress - a lot of stairs are waiting for you :) But awesome panoramic view of the Danube and the city center really deserves to make it. Petrovaradin Fortress is absolute "must see" in Novi Sad , always atrtacts a lot of tourists .  On the highest point of the Fortress you will see Clock Tower , and also some caffes and restaurant with fantastic view.

 So, what I can say about Novi Sad ? Pretty city , with awesome architecture and atmosphere , it really deserves to spend here 2-3 days and I"m very happy that finally I"ve visited Novi Sad , will have pleasant memories from there.

Thank you for your attention!

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