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Hi friends! Today I will continue travelling theme and as promised will show you one more beautiful place, that we have visited during our family trip to Montenegro.  Perast will be our destination of the day :)  Just 15 minutes way with a taxi from Kotor old city  and you will find this must visit place in Montenegro. PERAST is a very small ancient city in the Bay of Kotor .
What usually make tourists here ? Walking along avenue near the Bay of Kotor you can enjoy gorgeous views, there are a lot of caffes near water (I strongly recommend you find in menu ''Peraska torta" - delicious homemade cake with almond). You can find here some museums , churches, and the main attraction is the island Our Lady of the Rock – is one of the two islets off the coast of Perast in Bay of Kotor. You can reach there with a boat - there are a lot of boat trip offers . According to legend, through to centuries, local seamans and sailors, throwing stones into the sea, after finding the icon of Madonna and Child on the rocks in the sea. In this way they made this little artificial island.
We spend in Perast about 4 hours , and I'm happy that I saw such a beautiful place with landscape views, and this salty fresh air - that was just amazing!
And now just enjoy the photos that I made in Perast, I 'm sure that these awesome views will impress you and maybe motivate also to visit this place if you will be nearby...Gray dramatic sky makes photos even more picturesque , I think  ;)

 Thank you for your attention!




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