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Hello everyone! Do you miss my travel posts? ;) Well, today we forget about beauty/fashion theme , and I will share with you my impressions and photos from recent trip to Montenegro. I visited some placeses during my travel , that's why there will be two parts of this post. Today I will tell you about Kotor . This is small city with very, very ancient history , famouse place all over the world (I saw a lot of tourists from different countries ) and just one incredible beautiful travel destination. I heard before , that Montenegro is called a must-see for every tourist , and I was interested is it really so. And now I can answer - yes, it is!

Old part of Kotor is surrounded by fortification , because of it it looks very authentic ancient...There are a lot of narrow streets , everything is in "'a stone'' and in one style , old beautiful buildeings , amazing details like vintage windows, lanterns etc are everywhere. While walking on this ancient amazing streets you can see a lot of souvenir shops , cafes and restaurants . In restaurants I advice you to pay attention for all food with seaproducts : mussels , shrimps, fish.  All this is very fresh and delicious! From every point of old city if you look up you will see beautiful landscapes , mountains and fortification. Breathtaking views!!

There are some museums in old city Kotor , but a I traveled with my little daughter visiting of museums was incredible hard task for us :)) The only place we have visited was CATS MUSEUM . This is not big, adult ticket costs 1 euro. But this museum is so cute! If you love ancient documents, engraving and vintage theme as me so in this place it will be pleasure for you to see a lot of ancient pics and dokuments about cats , cats in history and vintage pictures with cats. I like it , and suppose that cats museum deserves your attention.  By the way , Kotor is said to be ''city of cats'' , and this is absolutely right as you can see cats on the streets every 10 metres , they are all around :)


 And after walking on the streets of old part of Kotor , you go out from main gait and...see incredible views on Kotor Gulf , yachts and cruise liners. So bright natural colors , fresh air , landscape views - I was absolutely in love in all of this! There a lot of Boat trips offers , we didn't have opportunity to go there, but I'm sure it might be great adventure , so pay attention for this trips.

Finally , I can say that our stay in Kotor was a great pleasure! I have a lot of positive emotions, wonderful photos! Besides , the weather was good for walking, sunny , about 23-24 degrees every day.
In the  next part of this post of Montenegro travel I will share with you one more place that we visited, and it also was gorgeous experience. So check my post to see it soon! ;)

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