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Hi, friends! Today will talk about beauty products but in a new format - let's compare two same products of different brands , and I will give you my opinion and review what is the best one. Well, this month I've used a lot cushions for face tone , and the first thing taht I want to tell is that cushion is absolutely amazing product if you have natural light or medium coveradge , and I like that this kind of make up product become more and more popular.
If you still don't know what is a cushion will give you little info : Cushion compact foundation is considered to be a fusion of skin care and make  , this is more modern product that liquid foundation or traditional powder . Cushion compacts contain liquid foundation in an easy-to-carry compact. Here’s how it works: You press down on the cushion and just the right amount of liquid formula is released onto to sponge. Then, you can dab it on your skin for a flawless-looking finish. So the main advantages are natural ''non make up'' look and care components for skin in this product.

And now let's talk about two products that I want to cmpare , here is : L'OREAL  NUDE MAGIQUE Cushion  and  korean brand ETUDE HOUSE REAL POWDER Cushion .

1. Package  : both cushions have cute, stylish little boxes , that you can wear in your bag and use as needed during the day.

2. Texture : soft texture in both of cushions, easy to apply on face. Just in Etude House it seems to be a little bit creamy and softer for me

3. Smell : in this point great advantage is for Etude House cushion! The smell is very pleasant , opposite to L'oreal , L'oreal cushion has a little bit chemical smell.

4. SPF : SPF 50+ for Etude House , and just SPF 29 for L'Oreal . Korean brands are famous for their high SPF in all skin care products so it's not surprisingly...

5. Make up effect : both of cushions give you natural look make up , and this is great . The difference is that L'Oreal has glow effect , and it hepls the skin to look fresh, it's good. But after 2-2.5 hours it became to look is your face is a little bit sweaty ...I don't like it , this effect doesn't allow me to forget about skin tone and to be sure that face looks natural and good looking for a long time. Maybe this is just because my skin is combinated and partly oily , so for dry skin I suppose you will not notice this "sweaty" effect . Etude House makes just long lasting , natural looking perfect cover , exactly what I need , and I even don't fix it after2-3 hours as it'looks good and there is no need to ad mor product.

So , FINALLY , what can I say about these two products : they are both good, really good . But I prefer a little bit more korean Etude House cushion , for every day and for long term it's better for me because of some points I 've described above. But I hope my review and information was usefull for you , and maybe after reading all my points you will decide that purcahe of L'Oreal will be better for you , maybe so. Anyway , if you are looking for good cushion for natural make up these two definatelly deserve your attention!

Take a look at some more cushions that I have found for you...

Thank you for your attention! 

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