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Hi, friends! Today will share with you my opinion abour recent beauty products from different korean brands. All of this products I"ve already tested for 2-3 weeks so I have my point of view about quality and efficiency. All of them are for face skin care routine. Let"s start!

The first one is  DEWY LOVE Hydrating cream from THE SAEM. The packge is sooo cuty , just look at this. But this is not the only thing I love about this cream. Adorable smell, so light and so pleasant. Texture! This is one of the most soft and tender cream texture I"ve even tryed! Hydrating qualities are cool , I prefer this cream for spring/summer season. Cream absorbs well, making skin soft and fresh looking. Active componenets derived from cherry blossom and camelia flowers, also contains glycerin for long lasting moisture and hyaluronic acid. Strongly recommend this skin cream!

Next one is face mask KALP VARECH from THE FACE SHOP. Decided to try this as Kelp extract is extremly effective component in skin care products, so it was intereting to test. This mask contains essence that provides moisture and nourishment for skin. Well, I tryed it and I like it! After using mask my skin looks smooth and healthier. I even mostly prefer to use it before going sleep , and morning my skin looks rested and fresh. Will try more mask from The Face shop brand , this time was my first experience , and I have only positive impressions.

The last product is ONE SOLUTION SUPER ENERGY AMPOULE MOISTURIZING from HOLIKA HOLIKA. Unfortunatelly, this product doesn"t impress me , I was waiting for something more effective. I can not see it makes something special for my skin :( This moisturizing ampoule contains 65% of marine complex instead of purified water and supposed to have deep moisturizing effect for skin, but I really don"t notice it. Besieds the texture is not so light and I feel it on my skin - and don"t like it. And the smell irritates me a little bit...Before  I used ONE SOLUTION SUPER ENEGRY FIRMING AMPOULE  by HOLIKA HOLIKA and it was great, you can see my post about this beauty product HERE . But I"m not satisfied with Moisturizing ampoule and will not recommend it , there are a lot of other more effective beauty products.

Well. that"s all for today. Hope the post was interesting and usefull for you ;) See you soon!
Thank you for your attention!

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