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MISSHA SUPER AQUA : my review for famous korean beauty brand 


Hi, friends! Today I would like to share my review for one korean brand , that I love for already two years and like to test their new beauty products. I"m talking about MISSHA. And this month I used two products of them from seria SUPER AQUA : cream and cleansing foam. Exactly about these two products I will talk about in this post.

SUPER AQUA ICE TEAR CREAM hydrating & refreshing
I was looking for some cream with light texture but good hydrating qualities , that can make my irritated from wind and cold weather skin more smooth and calm it. This cream is perfect for this purposes , it has so light and pleasant texture , I like to feel it on my skin. The smell is very nice , so fresh and light . Cream absorbs quickly and left skin well hydrated. I think it"s good solution for dry skin , I feel enough moisture and some calm action on my skin . I was interested why this seria of products was called "SUPER AQUA" , and was looking for information on official site of Missha . The answer is that in theese products was used clean glacier water of Patagonia , that deliver deep moisture (as it possible for cream) into the inner layers in the skin for long lasting hydration. So, my opinion after one month of using that this cream is great one and surelly deserves your attention if you are looking for good moisture with light texture. The design is also lovely by the way.


If you like me looking for good cleansing foam , that makes your skin clean but not dry , than this one is good decision ! You need just a little amount as it makes a lot of soft foam , smell is the same as in cream of this seria - freah and pleasant. Blue lotus ingredient provides pure cleansing effect for clean skin , and ingredient Moisclean (moisturising cleansing element) removes impurities and leave skin hydrated.  The only thing is that it doesn"t remove make up perfectly , I prefer first to remove it with miccelar water and after use this foam to be sure that make up is removed on 100% . But in all other aspects this cleansing beauty product is very good one.

 That"s all for today , you can see my other reviews for korean brands on this LINK .

Thank you for your attention!

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