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 Hi everyone! It's a beauty theme today . If you read my blog regullary you surelly know that I'm a big fan of korean cosmetics : it works good on my skin, I see results and like products quality . Now after 2,5 years experiece of using korean beauty products I know quite a lot of things , brands , have my favorites . But when I just started I was confused of huge amount of korean brands and was looking for some information in internet about what I should try . Today I decided to make a little guide , some advices about what beauty products in what korean brands are better to try (from my experience) , will share some my favorites and show some recent purchases.

If you looking for skin creams , toners , essences or emulsions I suggest you to pay attention for korean brands: Mizon , Missha , Laneige , Holika Holika , Etude House , PURITO.
I especially was impressed by :
LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask - awesome hydratatio qualities during night for fresh skin in the morning
Original Skin Enegry Peptide 500 complex by MIZON - I wrote about it in my post HERE

MIZON Collagene Power Lifting Toner - I wrote about it in my post Here

From face masks I recommend MIZON Joyful Time essence masks (there are different types from "green tea" to ''hyaluronic acid'') and awesome PUREDERM Deep purifying bubble masks (my must have) !

For cleansing face I recommend you Phyto -Hyaluron Foam Clease from brand SKIN79 - very soft product for sensitive skin (as mine) - here is post about it and products from COSRX. Now I use as scrab Black Sugar Mask Wash Off from SKIN FOOD , and I like it for qood cleansing qualities , natural nutritive ingredients and effect on my skin. See it on photo below (the brown one) .

For hands I use for a long time hand cream of ‘Missing U’ line from Korean beauty brand ETUDE HOUSE. There are a lot of cute animal packages for these creams , about ''penguin'' I've already wrote here , and now I use '''panda'' - see on the photo above. Good moisture , awesome light smell, lovely package (after using cream this empty animal package can become awesome toy for your child like in my situation :))

And now will show you my absolute favorites in lip care ! They are BANANA Lip Balm by TONYMOLY ,  MACARON Lip Balm from IT'S SKIN and Lip Sleeping Mask fron CARENEL (leave it on the lips for all night ) . All they give awesome result as soft awesome looking lips , have pleasant smell (especially I adore chocolate smell of IT'S SKIN balm ) and good soft texture . 

Some words and recommendation about hair care. I didn't try a lot of products , but from all that I used I have two favorites - GREEN TEA MINT Fresh scalp Conditioner from INNISFREE and PROFESSIONAL Hair Ampoule LULU fro EYENLIP (on the photo below) . These ampoules contain ceramide ingredients that has hardening cement effect to the keratin,
phospholipid and collagen components that’s between the cuticle layer and the cortex layer . Use them twice a week and love how my hair look after that!

I suppose it's enought for today ;) Hope I gave you some useful information especially if you are interested in korean cosmetics but hesitate what to buy and try first . In one of next posts I will write about MISSHA brand , not just about skin care products but also make up , I've already used MISSHA lipstick and will share my opinion with you. 

Thank you for your attention!

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