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WHAT I BUY on IHERB : from Vitamins to Food

WHAT I BUY on IHERB : from Vitamins to Food

Hi, everyone! Today I will tell you about my IHERB purchases. It was my first experince with this site, I heard a lot of good things and finally decided to try. The main reason this site looks attractive for me is the plentity of vitamins and organic food , that is impossible to buy in my country (and surelly in Europe as a whole) . Besides this site is so famous and has so many positive feedback that I can be sure in high quality of the products I buy. Below will show you my purchases and will share my opinion.

Let"s start with one of the most famous product from delicious category , that I saw million times in Youtube vides of different bloggers. Decided to try this dried fruits from Stoneridge Orchards brand (which is consider to be leader in this kind of products). I bought dried cherries in yogurt.

Well, what can I say about it - good, but soo sweet! I just can eat 2-3 pieces and that"s enought , I need a water and don"t want it more. Even for my little daughter (that love all sweet things) these fruits seems to be too much sweet. Not negative feedback from my side , but I surelly will not buy again...

The next one is belgian dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt (55% cocoa content) .  On the pic below you can see how it looks like.

This product is awesome! So delicious, not too sweet , absolutely in love in it! The price was cheap , something about 2-3$ . I strongly recommend this product for all dark chocolate lovers (like me) , definatelly will buy again!

As you know , I"m a tea maniac ;)) Will never miss the oportunity to try new tea , especially when thire is not so big choice in my country. So it was just impossible not to buy some tea from IHERB. Here is my choice, see the pic.

I"ve already tested all of them , and all are really good , but here is my opinion and favorites.
1st place is for Stash Jasmin tea - awesome green tea with pleasant jasmine taste, fresh and delicious.
2nd place is for Bigelow Vanilla black tea - this is really creamy and rich as described on the package, I agree, but this is a little bit strong black tea for me so I prefer add some milk and enjoy ;)
3td place is St. Dalfour Green tea with mango - good tea with pleasant mango flavour!

And the most important part  - vitamins for me and my little daughter , it was the main reason of my purchases on IHERB.

For me I"ve chosen SPIRULINA & CHLORELLE from Sunfood Superfoods brand. I heard a lot positive things about chlorella for organism , and aready tried some vitamin complex with this ingredient before, but the most effective result is when it combines with spirulina. When we talk about something for our health , like some super food and vitamins, information is so important that it"s better you read it by yourself in internet or discuss with your doctor , as our organism and immune system are individual , and I can not recommend something anyway. Just will tell that for me this is a good way to make detox for organism and make my imune system more stronger , I plan to make such corses of this green super food for me twice a year - spring and autumn - and surelly will buy this complex of spirulina and chlorella again.

And for my daughter (she has 3 years) I"ve chosen this Multi vitamin & Mineral sirup from ChildLife brand. I "ve read a lot of feedback for this product , and a lot of moms wrote that this is one of the most famous and highly recommended from american pediatricians vitamin complex for kids. As described on the bottle , it is appropriate for the babies from 6 months. Also I like ingredients , so decided to try it for my baby , hope it really will make her immune system stronger. Sirup has yellow color and mango flavour , my daughter like it.

Hope this post was interesting and usefull for you , and may be will inspire you also buy something tasty or healhy from IHERB ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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