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Hi, everyone! If you love korean  cosmetics as I am and  you are interested in what cool skin routine you can find in korean brands , than welcome to my new post . I will share with you my recent beauty purcases from korean brands Missha , Nature Republic and Holica Holica.

          SUPER AQUA MAX COMBINATION WATERY CREAM by NATURE REPUBLIC . I saw a lot of positive reviews in internet for this cream , and decided to try. I have never used something from this brand Nature Republik , and first experience seems to be good choice. Cream was announced to provide deep nourishment and moisture, the aqua sherbet network system protects the skin from the external environment by forming a moisture protective film over the skin and the ingredient of hyaluronic acid hydrates combination skin by consistently maintening moisture. The texture of the cream is very soft , it has fresh herbal pleasant smell , light green color. After apply a cream skin immediatelly becoma soft and smooth, refreshed , it doesnt irritates my sensitive skin. And I feel comfort during a day, without dryness or blemish. I used it just for 2 weeks for now, would like to test longer period to be sure , but it seems to be good moisturising product (I see that it gives enought moisture for my skin even in winter season), perfect for daily use, I did not find any disadvantages.

          PURE ESSENCE MASK SHEET AVOCADO by HOLIKA HOLIKA . I"ve purchased 3 masks to try from Holika Holika, like this beauty brand and before I tried some other maks from them. What I like the most from this Avocado mask is that it contains good for skin ingredients like Centella Asiatica extract (awesome for skin calming and sensitive skin) , Chamomilla flower extract , Avocado extract, Lavender oil, and some other. After using all theese masks I can say that maybe it will not make a miracle with a skin , but the essence in this masks provides really good hydratation, nourishment, my skin looks more healthy after using it. I apply mask in evening on clean face , and after make light face massage for better absorbation of essence. So if you are looking just hydratation and calming function of the maks - then I can recommend this beauty product, that"s really good . For anti-aging or lifting functions you need to seach other products with stronger effect.

             SUPER AQUA REFRESHING CLEANSING FOAM by MISSHA . First of all, I want to say that for now MISSHA is my favorite korean beauty brand! I adore their skin care products , as long as cosmetics - mascara and lipsticks.. This cleansing foam I already tested before in small size tube, and liked it so much that purchased 200 ml size . You can see more information in my previous post HERE about this Super Aqua seria by Missha, just would like to say that if you want clean skin without dryness this cleansing foam will help you. Besides I love how it smells - pleasant fresh smell. And it needs just a little drop of product for making a lot of foam, so I suppose this 200ml will lasts two or more months for me. Lovely lovely product!

 Thank you for your attention!

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