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Hi, friends! This post will be interesting for all perfume lovers , so if you love this theme than see the post ;)

 As the end of winter is coming soon, I decided to make a post with perfumes that I have used most often during last three months. If you read my previous post about parfumery than you already know that already one year I have great interest for this theme - I read a lot of notes , history of perfume houses and creators (designers), I adore fragrantica site , and started to buy more niche perfumes besides luxe.
The most favorite accords for me now are smoky , woody , balsamic , warm spicy  and the notes I love are incense , plum , sandalwood , rose , clove ...
I have great interest for such brands as Amouage , Frederic Malle and Comme des Garsons . And to be honest , as they are very expensive , I think that purchase of decants is a great ooportunity to enjoy these gorgeous perfumes intead of buying full bottle for 300$ and more (but if you have enough finance that"s great :)
Let"s start with niche perfume. My adorable are PORTRAIT OF A LADY by FREDERIC MALLE , FLORIENTAL by COMME DES GARSONS  and MEMOIR by AMOUAGE . For the first and second I"ve purchased decants 6 ml from American garanted seller , and Amouage I have in a form of original sample of 2ml . All of these perfumes have long lasting longevity  and heavy sillage , so need just a little quantity , drop of parfum and you will smell it for 5-6 hours (at least this is my experience).
I love Floriental for it"s a little bit sweet incence (because of plum note) , for the inspiration and feeling of self confidence that it gives to me.
Portrait of a Lady has awesome oriental smell of rose with spices , this is so unusual and unique , that I also feel myself unique when use it. For the dates , romantic meetings this is number one for me. I plan to test more perfumes from Frederic Malle , as this brand really makes masterpieces in aroma world.
Memoir by Amouage...well , this perfume is something special , with it"s own character and not so easy for understand, if you don"t like it - give him a chance , try two, three times and maybe you will change your opinion. In my mind , this is perfume for introverts , for you , maybe when you have a little bit melancholic mood , this is not for date , romantic or party. This is very interesting experience for me. I have already had another Amouage perfume before, called Journey, and I also loved it , and surelly will buy again. And I have some other Amouage perfumes in my wish list ;)


And two perfumes from luxe segment are on my must-have winter perfumes , and I like them so much! This is  CRYSTAL NOIR by VERSACE  and  PARISIENNE by YSL . I have them in original miniatures of 5 ml each .
Crystal Noir is a very sexy perfume in my mind because of this spicy smell (ginger note) , this is a smell of chic woman, she is self confident and likes attention . Ideal perfume for winter, but I also would like to test it during spring.
Parisienne is so feminine and gentle perfume (because of violet and peony notes I suppose) ! The sillage and longevity are not so strong as in other perfumes , but it doens"t matter , I love him anyway. Even like to use it in the evening before going sleep as it calmes me . And all these miniature bottles are so cuuute ! :) Are you agree?

Thank you for your attention!

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