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Hi, friends! Theme of the Day is PERFUME, in this post we will talk what perfume choose celebrity and also I will share with you impression about my new perfume Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes ...

My favorite theme from beauty world became perfume this year ...I read a lot of information on this theme : about notes , perfume brands , history , etc. And I also became interested in what perfeme celebrity prefer to wear ...I found some information in internet , surelly we can not know if it"s 100% true . I will share with you what I found , inforation is taken from sites : Vogue Australia , celebrityfragranceguide.com and  Harper"s Bazaar . I made collages with a photo of famous person and her/his most favorite fragrances . Let"s see!

Kate Middleton prefer DUNE  Christian DIOR and also love JO MALONE ,especially Orange Blossome Cologne.

Another  royal person , Meghan Markle , is also a big fan of   JO MALONE  brand , she  prefer Wood Sage & Sea Salt  and Wild Bluebell Cologne ....Interesting choice...

Julia Roberts love perfume SPRING  FLOWER   CREED . By the way, perfumes of Creed are quite popular among celebrities , and we will see them not once .

Victoria Beckham also love CREED . Her  CHOICE IS Royal Water Millessime CREED , besides she wears  CHANEL Gardenia .

IT Girl and fashionista Olivia Palermo prefer feminine and  light fragrance  IDYLLE   GUERLAIN ...

Anne Hathaway   choose classic CHANCE CHANEL and MAGNIFIQUE   LANCOME .

Heidi  Klum  favorite perfumes are sweet  PRADA CANDY and classic  OPIUM YVES SAINT LAURENT .

Gwyneth  Paltrow   choice is BLACK ORCHID TOM FORD ....

And let"s see some  celebrity men  and their fragrance choice

George Clooney  perfume favorites are CREED GREEN IRISH TWEED .

Pierce Brosnan is also fan of CREED , he prefes GREEN IRISH TWEED  and MILLESIME  IMPERIAL .

David Beckham perfume favorites are  CREED EROLFA and  MILLER HARIS FEUILLES de Tabac .

I hope it was interesting for you to know a little bit about celebrity perfume favorites . And now I would like to tell some words about ny new perfume HERMES UN JARDIN SUR LE NIL , I have two original samles , 2 ml each , in original Hermes orange box .

And this is how it looks in full version ...

This is awesome citrus , fresh and chic pefume , I love it so much! Perfect choice (at least for me) for summer time . The nose behind this fragrance is great Jean-Claude Ellena . Perfume contains notes of grapefruit , green mango , lotus , bulrush , tomato , carrot , orange and some others . Because of these specific notes , like tomato and bulrush , I suppose this perfume can not be bestseller , not everyone is ready for a little too natural smell ...But especially this exotic and natural notes make this perfume so unique for me!! I think this is a perfect combination of vibrant freshness and light juiciness , awesome feeling when you wear it , just a masterpiece! Now in my wish list I have some other Hermes fragrances , I love the style of this brand (simplicity and chic) and want to have more creations of Jean-Claude Ellena.

Thank you for your attention!

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