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Hi, friends! In today's post COLORmania we will talk about my favorite color - Lilac ! As usual, we will discess color meaning, I found for you color pallettes and outfit examples , so it surelly will be interested ;)

As I said , I adore lilac color! To be honest as well as I love purple :) About purple color color meaning and combination you can read in my post HERE. Today we are talking about Lilac.

So, according to color psychology , LILAC is a color of spirituality , it inspired reflection and self awareness. Lilac is a color of the sensitive , compassionate intuitive soul - the introvert ( yes, I'm introvert person :).

I've found some color pallettes with lilac , let's see the best combinations with this wonderful color ...

Which of the combinations do you like the most ? In my opinion , lilac + khaki , lilac + purple , lilac + beige are the most beautiful and wrarabke in real life combinations.
And now I would like to show you stylish outfits with lilac , so you can see example how to wear this shade in real life and in your daily outfits . Enjoy ;)

Thank you for your attention !

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