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Hi, friends ! In this post I will share with you how I help my immunity during autumn time, what vitamins I take for me and my daughter. By the way, my previous post with vitamin complexes and purchases from IHerb you can find HERE

As you know, autumn is a time when we should start to help our immune system , to keep it strong and health , as viruses are growing and possibility to become ill arrises. I will show you what vitamin complexes I take in the moment . All of them I purchased in DM drogerie, so they all are german products. 

First of them is MULTIVITAMIN Complex , 20 tablets. Contains vitamin C , Niacin, vitamin E, B6, B1, B2 , B12, biotin. I put one tablet in a glass with water and drink this tropical flavour vitamin juice , one a day in the morning. 

Another one vitamin complex is for my daughter MULTIVITAMIN BEARS for kids. She takes 4 bears on a day , as written on the box. It contains vitamin E , C, B6 , B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin. This complex is for kids 4-7 years age . From my experience as a mother, it is easy to persuade a child to eat vitamins in a form of funny gummy bears , than in a form of syrup. 

And the last on is a PURE BEAUTY tea , that contains biotin and pomegranate extract  . As you probably know, biotin reflexts good on your hair and nails health. Besides this herbal tea has wonderful taste, and I drink it with great pleasure every time (2 cuos a day). In DM I saw a lot of interesting herbal teas with different effect (immune help , calmnes etc.) and plan to try all of them . 

Hope, this post was interesting for you and maybe inspired you to go to our nearest pharmacy  and find some vitamins to keep your health and beauty. 

Thank you for your attention !

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