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Hi, everyone! In this post I will give you my opinion about famous (and one of the best , as I think ) korean brand Missha , about three product that I have used for long period , so hope information will be usefull for you.

Let"s start with MISSHA PERFECT COVER BB CREAM . Usually I don"t use bb cream everyday, and don"t use any tone for casual make up, but for special cases, when I want my make up looks perfect (including ideal skin tone) I prefer something with medium coverage , for natural looking skin. As I big lover of korean beauty products I heard a lot of good reviews about some korean bb-creams, and decided to start with Mishha , as I love this beauty brand as a whole. And now this bb-cream became my must have (I use #27 shade), it looks so natural, gives beautiful finish. This is not full coverage, but if you need to hide imperfections and have healthy, nice looking skin this beauty product is awesome!  The longevity is pretty amazing, especially because it seems slippery at first, but it hangs on in the most beautiful way, it doesn't crack or become weird . I even don"t set it with powder, just refresh my skin with oil-blotting  paper during the day if needed. This bb-cream has a light smell, but it doesn"t irritates me at all. So, really love this product and recommend you to test .

Lipstick MISSHA  SIGNATURE DEWY ROUGE  became my first korean lipstick , before I didn"t use decorative cosmetics from korean brands. The texture is so soft, creamy and pleasant on the lips! It doesn"t lasts long, and you need to refresh it quite a lot times a day, but for this texture and refreshing , tender color I can forgive it ;) About color - I use shade "Shiffon dress" , this is the lightest shade in this collection, I bought it for every day natural make up. It has a coral-peach shade , makes whole make up fresh looking , very feminine color. Plan to test some more colors from this seria, love it too much. And the other thing I adore about this lipstick is smell - it smells so pleasant, fruitty , but himical , awesome light smell, just great! The tube of lipstick looks so luxury, are you agree?

MISSHA VIEWER 270 MASCARA became my favorite mascara for last 3 months. It makes my lashes longer. However doesn’t help in curling them. Doesn"t irritates my sensitive eyes , so I wear it all day long without a proble. As a whole this is a perfect mascara for every day natural look, so if you are looking for some mascara for reasanable price (I suppose it was around 9$) and with good functionality - so this is for you. And by the way, this mascara is absolutely this is comparable toa lot of lux brand mascaras.

Thank you for your attention!

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