понедельник, 28 декабря 2020 г.


Hi, friends ! In this posts I would like to give you some fashion inspiration by showing outfits for New Year night !

New Year night is a magic time, time to shine and sparkle ! :) Allow yourself more ! In outfits that I found for you like inspiration main fabrics are sequins and velvet , as in my opinion especially these two are ideal for sich special event . 

The easiest way to feel yourself like a queen is wearing dress with sequins , but I want to offer you some other kinds of New Year looks. 

More delicate and stylish when you combine one common piece  with sequin piece. For example , white jumper + gold/silver sequin skirt , or  white shirt + sequin trousers , or sequin top + jeans.  This stylish tip will help not to be overdressed . 

And don't forget about statement earrings or other statement jewelry , they always make special accents in a whole look. 

Let's see my outfit ideas for you ...

Thank you for your attention !

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