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Hi, friends! Finally I decided that the time of hair changing has come , I'm not fully satisfied with my natural hair - it alteady not so shiny, so bright as it was. Hope hair color will help my hair to have more deep, bright and shiny look. In this post I will share with you my impressions with this experiment :)

When I decided to buy my first hair color, I was searching for some reviews in internet, and finally decided to buy  L'OREAL  CREME GLOSS . As it seems to be easy aply, wide range of shades, delicate formula and good  after care balm , the most important - NO Ammonia. Besides L'Oreal Creme Gloss , as written on the package, enriched in natural origin ingredients like coconut oil, goji extract, honey .  I wish a shade quite near to my natural dark brown, natural looking, and my choise was 4102  "COOL  CHESTNUT" . Here is what we have in a box : base, colorant , balm , gloves , instruction...

This is really easy to apply , you need just mix base and colorant and apply on wet hair , massage it and leave on hair for 20 min. 

Than rinse with water and apply balm . And what I can say as a result ? This is great! A like my new hair color, really rich, vivid dark brown color, glossy hair ! Balm has coconur smell, so my hair has no chemical color smell at all. I'm absolutely satisfied and get exactly what I expected!

About how long L'Oreal creme gloss stay on your hair : on the box it specified that color stay on hair up to 28 shampoos. I wash my hair usually every day or 1 time in 2 days, and after 1,5 months my color hair is still vibrant and shiny, just little changes can be noticed. I suppose this is great result. 

Plan to continue to use this color hair, maybe will make some experiments with shades, but as a whole I'm fully satisfied with this product and can recommend it!

Thank you for your attention!

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