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Hi, friends! Today will tell you about my new perfume , that stolen my heart! 

I' m not fan of chypre and Chloe brand , mostly of their perfumes doesn't smells good on my skin because of musk . And notes of this Chloe Nomade fragrance are not my favorite ...But after my first test of this perfume all this didn't matter ! I loved it from first smell and understand that I need a full bottle , my collection just will not be completed without this fragrance ! 

This perfume was launched in 2018 , perfumer is Quentin Bisch ( by the way, he become my favorite perfumer , for one of his another perfume that I like - Mugler Angel Nova see my review HERE) . Perfume is Fruity Chypre for woman , but smell like unisex in reality. Notes are : 

Just look at this stunning elegant bottle reminiscent of the mini Marcie bag . I purchased 30 ml for now , but because of strong longevity of the perfume I suppose I will use this bottle for a quite long period. 

I feel Nomade Chloe EDP as fruity (strong mirabelle note) , woody scent , with picant earthly notes of moss . This is feminine and masculine at the same time. "Nomade" is a perfect name for this perfume! It smells unlike most of other popular luxe scents , Nomade is different , and makes you feel special and unique...

This is sexy perfume in my opinion , but not in this cake batter way that many young people seem to find sexy , but in a way of real sexy body. 

So , the perfume is gorgeous but this is unlike a lot of others perfumes and not everyone's cup of tea . But I suggest you to try if you want to find something different in modern fragrant world. 

Thank you for your attention ! 

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