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Hi, friends! Most of us spend more and more time at home because of the weather and some other factors...So I decided to share with you some of the films that I saw recently and liked them a lot, so you can watch it in one of cosy evenings in your free time. 

47 RONIN (2013) 

This movie wasn't wide popular , as some others with Keanu Reeves, but this is a masterpiece ! So emotional, picturesque film , that touches upon the themes of good and evil, honor and dignity, devotion and love ♡ 

This is the story of samurai who fight evil and want justice, besides the story of endless love . There are also some mystic in this film . Awesome actors play, original and interesting plot! This movie is full of emotional moments that will not leave you indifferent (and sad moments, to he honest I cried...). Gorgeous movie, strongly recommend you 👍


I cann't explain why I like this film so much , as I'm not a fan of vampires theme. But exactly this movie impressed me so much, that I wacthed it already 3 times during these years. 

Dark times , when the kingdom of prince Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans) was threatened by the Turks, force him to turn into monster- vampire , to protect his own family and people of the kingdom. If I can say "there is beauty in the Dark" - this is exactly about this movie. Vlad became a monster, but keep more human in himself , than most of people...This is beautiful and dramatic movie, exciting and unforgetable (at least for me) . If you still didn't watch it - do it , you will not regret! 


This series (mini series, just 8 episodes) was talked about a lot , and mostly rewievs are negative. Well, for me this is strange and gorgeous film! I like it , but maybe it will more attractive for people , who interested in psychology (like me)  as this series is about psychology and humans psyche , and vulnerable it is (not about drugs , like a lot of people write in their reviews 🤦‍♀️) . The action of the film takes place in heath-wellness resort , where 9 different people come , everyone with it's secrets, fears and problems.  But the treatment will be very ...non-standart and will have unexpectide consequences. Incredible plot and brilliant actors cast : Nicole Kidman, Luke Evans , Melissa McCarthy ... It was a pleasure for me to watch this series ✌

Thank you for your attention ! 

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