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Hi, friends! Today I would like to share with you some of my beauty favorites of summer months (I have more than two favorite products but lets begin today of these two of them). One product is for face skin clearance , and another one is for lip care.

 Let's start with PHYTO HYALURON FOAM CLEANSER of korean beauty brand SKIN 79. As you could noticed I adore korean cosmetics because most of korean beauty products work perfect on my skin, and I've already made a lot of posts about different items and brands like ETUDE HOUSE , MIZONMISSHA  (just click brand to see my previous publications). This brand SKIN 79 was new for me, and the thing that attracts me to buy this foam cleanser was hyaluron in ingredients (that automatically makes this product more soft for your skin and with moisturising qualities). For now I have used this foam already 2,5 months so can tell you my opinion. Well, this is just great product for thoose, who wants to have well cleansed (but not dry after washing) skin, texture is so soft and pleasant that you enjoy your skin routine. Smell is also light and pleasant. You need just a small amount of this beauty product to create it a huge soft foam by adding water and wash face, neck area. So I suppose this tube I will use long long term and this is also a bonus. 

Another beauty product that becomes my favorite is this cute little box of THE  BODYSHOP with LIP BUTTER MANGO. So soft texture! And so incredible mango smell!

Lip care is very important point in the whole look , and dry lips look not so attractive, so I always use something to make my lips good looking and moistured. My previous favorite product was lip butter from KORRES, you can read about it HERE. And now I combine theses two butters, as Korres one gives your lips a little tint, but this from THE BODY SHOP has no color, just moisturising function. Cute small box, maximum natural ingredients, pleasant smell - I absolutely like all this!
Well, that's all for today, hope you found some interesting and useful info from this post ;)

Thank you for your attention and see you soon in new posts! 


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