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Hi friends! Let's talk today about one quite serious theme. Autumn is an awesome period when you can see beautiful natural changes, these gorgeous red and yellow leaves, it's already not so hot like in summer and you can make long walking, spend time in cafes with warm cappuccino or hot chocolate ...All this looks perfect but there is one problem. Autumn is a time when a lot of people all around the world have depression. There are a lot of reasons of this sad statistics but today we will talk not about reasons but about ways to avoid depression.

I'm not an expert , but unfortunatelly I know what does it mean "feel depressed", when you lost interest to anything and anyone, have no forces to do something, think negative, and other unpleasant moments. And I would like to share my experience how it can be prevented and how to help yourself. 

1. Help your organism with vitamins . Autumn is a perfect time to start with some vitamins for immunity. I especially recommend (if we talk about prevention of depression) to pay attention to vitamin complex with Magnesium and B group vitamins - they are important for nervous system . And surelly you should pay attention on what you eat : fruits, berries, nuts , healthy smoothy, etc. 

2. Looking for inspiration. Everywhere. In books, in interesting films , even in beautiful pictures  in internet of the themes you like , gather them and save in pinterest, create mood boards. Listen to the music that will encourage you - for someone it will be rock , for another - classic music. It doesn't matter. Doing what you like more often. Like to cook? Then searching for the new recipes and make experiments. Make something sweet and let the smells of cinnamon and vanilla be your aromatherapy. 

3. Relax is important, but when choosing between some lazy hours in bed or walking/goind to swimming pool  , it would be better to choose the second action. It was already proved by medics that even not intensive physical activity makes you feel better. Just usual walking on the streets, in park , or going to swimming pool will influence great to your mind and body. If you have opportunity to go to spa or massage that also will be cool.

4. Make some changes in your home. I've heard about the rule of  ''27 things'' (in some of asian philosophy) - replace 27 things (no matter what is it) inside your home, and your mind became calm . I know that it seems strange, but for me it really work, even if I don't count the exact number of replaced things. Try it , it's so eay but maybe will also be useful for you.

4. Add some colors. Don't avoid bright colors in your autumn wardrobe . It looks to be very simple and useless step but its not. The easiest way - to buy bright scarf (as not everyone ready for bright coat for example...). I now enjoy my new one tomato color scarf ;) This one is enought for feeling myself a little bit more positive and make outfit a little bit special...

5. Even if you don't want to see anyone make effort and suggest friends to have cafe meeting. Even short period of time with other people will give you new energy and makes you think about some other things besides your negative thoughts.

That's all methods that I've used and they worked for me , and helped me to feel myself better. If you know some other ways - please write them in comments. Hope it was interesting and usefull for you to read this post. Listen to your organism, try to control negative thoughts , take care of yourself and everything will be just allright ;)

 Thank you for your attention!

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