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Hi , friends! Today will talk about beauty products . Hope you don't miss one important step in daily beauty routine - using micellar water to clean face after make up. I decided to compare
L'oreal Skin perfection micellar water , Garnier micellar cleansing water and Eucerin DermatoClean 3 in 1in order to find the best product  for cleasing the skin from make up.
By the way , I've already make such kid of post ad it was CUSHION'S BATTLE  , You can find it HERE. Now  let's come back to our today's beauty products for testing , see them on photo below.

 The information on bottles are quite simillar : each of them promises gently clean make up from face, eyes and lips, to soothing skin , they all  are no rinse off  , and all are appropriate for sensitive skin.

Let's check each of theese micallar waters for my criterias like :

SMELL : they all have no smell , and that's good as I prefer no additional smells of cosmetics...

FEELING ON THE SKIN : I would like to say , that the most light miccelar water , that I absolutely don't feel on my skin are L'oreal and Eucerin . Garnier is a little bit sticky  and I want to rinse it off.

INGREDIENTS : I don't have enought knowledge to understand the meaning of each ingredient, but I saw that Eucerin has one really good component for skin - sodium hyaluronate! Sodium hyaluronate has become popular with manufacturers of cosmetics and anti-aging skin care products. Its ability to penetrate skin and hold onto water makes it a popular ingredient in moisturizers, eye creams, facial cleansers, skin repair creams and other anti-aging skin care products.

CLEANSING CAPACITY : and finally , let's test the most important function of micellar water - how it cleans your skin . I have used mascara and matte long lasting lipstick and want to see which of our beauty products will do the cleansing job better. Will apply micellar water with cotton pad and let's see what we will have in the end (every time I've used the same - put cotton pad with micellar water for dirty area for 5 sec and after gently wipe it).

As we can see Eucerine shows the best result, L'oreal is also good , and Garnier leaves a little bit more cosmetics on the skin.

RESULT : Because of all reasons I 've mentioned above for me on the 1st place  is Eucerine micellar water , the 2nd place - L'oreal , and the last place is Garnier. That's my result and my prefereces , you may have another opinion but anyway I hope this post was useful for you!

Thank you for your attention!

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