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Hi, friends! Do you like to spend most of your free time home or out? I'm absolutely home girl :) Love to be home , playing with my daughter , reading books or something interesting in internet, watching movies and cooking some delicious pieces . This is just perfect for me ;) Today will share with you my last home made food favorites . Not something special but delicious, very easy and quite beautiful looking with some decoration ;)

First of all I should say , that I always looking for some new recipes , like experiments , but all new dishes should have easy components and not long preparation time - really don't understand why should I cook something during 3 hours with expensive components - with more pleasure I will eat in restaurant in this case ;) My opinion is that home made food should be easy , tasty and healthy as it possible. Where I'm looking for inspiration ? There are a lot of awesome food Instagram accounts , internet sites , also I watch with pleasure ''Kitchen 24'' chanel ;)
My aиsolute favorite for last monts are these home made burgers! So easy and so tasty , and all family eat it with great pleasure. All you need is fresh tomatoes , onion ,lettuce , ketchup (or some home made sauce) , bread , forcemeat.

Pancakes are my must have every weekend. Very easy and quite fast . You need milk , eggs , flour , sugar (I prefer caramel sugar + a little bit cinnamon ) . Just need to buy any good jam , or you can use fresh fruits or something else for serving pankaces - the choice is so huge, just use your fantasy.

And , surelly , smoothy  ! I love smoothies , and try to make them as often as possible. My daughter also adore it. There you can use any fruits , milk (usual or badem milk , or soya milk) , honey , and everything that you want. It even can be ''green'' smoothie with fresh spinach , for example. Everything, everything what can make it healthy and tasty! For example, will show you one of my smoothie variations : apple , orange , honey , banana . No sugar!

And ...tea! Black ,green , rooibos...doen't matter , I just adore all kinds of tea and drink aprx. 5-6 times a day :) It helps me to relax , I believe in it's healthy qualities and just can't imagine my life without tea.
That's all that I wanted to share with you today ;) Amd I wish you a happy weekend!

Thank you for your attention!

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