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Hi, friends! In this beauty post I will show you all my eye shadows that I use in the moment.

Well , on the photo below I show you all my eye shadow collection. Maybe this is not so much , but for me this is absolutely enough. Two palettes , one in nude-brown colors , one beige satin eye shadow and one eye shadow tint.

Let"s start with  ESTEE  LAUDER Pure Color Eye Shadow  mini palette/Ombre a paupieres 4 . There are 4 colors : 10 Ivory Slipper Satin , 01 Pink Flash Shimmer , 63 Tempting Mocha Shimmer , 14 Provocative Plum Matte . The texture of eye shadows is very soft , easy to apply, I mostly use and love plum and mocha colors, they looks awesome on my eyes. Use them both in my day and evening make up. The palette is very cute, there is a mirror inside. I bought this mini palette 3 months ago and very happy with my purchase! In the future plan to buy more Estee Lauder eye shadows as the quality of the product is very high!

Next amazing eye shadow palette is from our serbian beauty brand AURA . They make this awesome palette colletion which includes 4 different shadows palette : Roar (basic nude brown colors) , Paradise (blue colors) , Aloha (beige-pink colors) and Jungle (pink colors). I have chosen ROAR PALETTE , as it contains the most basic colors and I"m sure that all of them I will use very often. Love this palette! Awesome quality, gorgeous colors and beautiful original box make it must have make up product for me! Already buy the same palette for my mom, and she also loves it ;)

 The net one is GUERLAIN  FARD  METAL EYESHADOW 02 BRONZE . It looks good at first sign , but during these 4 months since I have purchased it I still did not "understand" this make up product. I tryed it a lot of times but all my make up with this eye shadow looks a little bit"dirty" , I can"t make delicate beautiful make up with it ;( A little bit dissappointed , I expected it would gives light bronze shade on the eyes, but in eality it doesn"t looks good. Will try it again , maybe finally we will become "friends" with this eye shadow...But if you will ask me if I reommend it or not , I will answer "No" , unfortunatelly.

This NYX beige satin eye shadow I already noticed in one of my previous posts. My color is HS19 "INNOCENT" . This is awesome and must have beauty product for every day make up, this tender color makes fresh looks, I apply it both with a finger and brush, very fast and perfect result. The texture is super soft , and as a color is very near to my natural skin color I ofter use this eye shadow as a highlighter , looks gorgeous! Try it if you have this Nyx eye shadow , this is really 2in1 product.

Thank you for your attention!

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