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DIOR CAPTURE YOUTH : new skin effect enzyme solution Age Delay resurfacing water...MY REVIEW


Hi, friends! In this post I will share with you my opinion about DIOR beauty product  from their famous line Capture Youth.  I have used enzyme solution lotion for 3 weeks and now I"m ready to say if I like it or not ...

First of all, I would like to say some words about this skin care beauty line . Dior Capture Youth line is created for supporting health, fresh looking skin , it has age delay effect , minimise skin imperfections.
The New Skin effect Enzyme Solution Lotion is supposed to be first step in your beauty routine. It should help eliminate  dead skin cells and diminishes surface imperfections. The natural power of exfoliating papaya enzymes is combines with the antioxidizing power of Iris.
I"ve bought 2 miniatures 15 ml each, so as a whole I had 30 ml of the product  . From my experience  that"s enough to understand if the product works on my skin or not.
Lotion has pleasant light smell, it is liquide like water , I applied it on my face with cotton pad , twice a day on clean skin. The most interesting is that this product moisturized my skin so deep, that I really did not need more moisturizing products at all! I have tested it in summer-autumn period , maybe for winter it will not be enough and you should add your usual daily cream.
Besides lotion makes my skin soft, I like this feeling. It gives skin fresh glow , natural fresh look.
By the way , on official Dior site it is written that this lotion can be used also as a mask ! You just need soak otton pad in lotion and leave them on the fae for 10 minutes. This should be good decision for dull , tired skin . I didn"t test lotion in this way , but I believe that it will work well .
I love this enzyme lotion and think that it deserves it"s price , the product really works on skin and you can see the  effect very fast.

 Thank you for your attention !

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