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Hi, friends! Today I will continue seria of posts "COLORmania" , these kind of posts are the most famouse in my blog according statistics. So I would like to give you some more fashion inspiration. Besides the color of the day is SILVER, I have chosen this color especially before Christmas and New Year as this is the most popular color for party and celebration outfits!

According our tradition let"s start with color psychology , will see the meaning of the color and after will that will go to combination ideas and outfits .
SILVER is  a precious metal like gold, oftne symbolizes riches and wealth. The olor siler is assoiated with meanings of industrial , high-tech, modern , as well as glamorous , elegant , sophisticated  and graceful.
Positive meanings of Siler are: calmness , maturity , intelligence , sophistication
Negative meanigs : arrogane  sence of domination , lack of emotions
As your favorite color :   you are matured and practical person. You are more logical than emotional. You are a deep thinker , which often leads you to seeking your own company to give yourself time to think. Do you like silver and are you agree with this description?
And now please see color palettes with silver that I"ve found for you. It will help you to undertand which combinations can be made with this shade. As for me, I love the most silver + gray, silver + white , silver + lilac...

And the practical part of our post - how silver looks in outfits in real life, what are the best fashion ideas with this color. In the outfits below you will see total silver looks, silver in accessories, in outerwear , skirts ...If you think that silver color appropriate just for party wear, I hope now you can see that this awesome color can be part of daily looks, delicate looks, you can wear it day and night just using right combinations. Enjoy!

Thank you for your attention!

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