четверг, 12 марта 2020 г.

JO MALONE Mimosa & Cardamom


Hi, friends! Today I will share with you my opinion about new perfume in my collection .         

First of all, I should say that I wanted to buy some Jo Malone perfume for around a year, but cann't decide what fragrance exactly I prefer. It was blind purchase , as I have no opportunity to test this brand in Belgrade, so I"ve chosen Mimosa & Cardamom because of notes of perfume and after reading opinions on fragrantica.com . And I was a little bit nervious   waiting a delivery :) But when I smell it at the first time and loved it immediately ! This is awesome fragrance , so gentle, feminine, warm spicy and original . I adore cardamom and tonka beans notes , was not sure about mimosa but it gives very delicate, sophisticated accord. Here are information about this perfume from fragrantica.com ...

On my skin this fragrance is quite long lasting (I heard a lot of critics about Jo Malone perfume's longevity, but this one is obviously perfect!) . And the sillage is also good. I also love the esthetics of Jo Malone brand - these stylish bottles and chic package just add pleasant emotions when using this perfume. 
So, I'm very very happy with my first Jo Malone ! Plan to buy some more their perfymes soon (mostly interested in Peony & blush suede, and Orange Blossom) . And highly recommend you to try some of Jo Malone perfumes, maybe they also will stole your heart as they make with me ;) 

Thank you for your attention ! 

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