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Hi, friends! In this post I will write my opinion about Vichy Slow Age night mask & cream, if it works or not on the skin and does it deserves attention or not.

Well, I'm not a big fan of Vichy products, usually I wasn't satisfied with action of Vichy beauty products on my skin. But this mask atracts my attention becaise of lot positive reviews in internet , and I decided to try it. I have a miniature 15 ml .

First of all , when you open this mask you see suprising color - caramel-brown , and not typical smell for beautu products. The smell is herbal - balsamic, strange but pleasant . The texture of the mask is also not standart  , it' s  something like honey or jam, not creamy and light as we usually see in other  masks.
There are two ways to use this products : as night cream every night (if apply thin layer) or as night mask twice a week . What Vichy promises from this mask : with regular use, it improves oxygenation of skin cells and stimulates it's own antioxidant defences, also fine lines and pigmentation visibly reduced in just 4 weeks.
I use this beauty product for already 3 weeks twice a week as mask , apply it on the face skin for 10 minutes , then remove with cotton pad the amkunt that didn't absorned by skin. Unfortunatelly, on my skin this mask makes ...nothing. I don't know what is wrong sith me, but again Vichy product doesn't aork for me at all :(( The skin is in the same state, it doesn't look fresher, brightet or smooth , as othet girls wrote in their reviews. Surelly, no actikn for light fine lines that I already have . Fine lines are on the place and mask doesn't do something to make them invisible , as Vichy promised.
So, again and again I'm  little disappointed with Vichy beauty product. Maybe be this post will not be useful for you and you love Vichy and they help for your skin. But maybe exactly my post will help you to save money for the product that in reality doesn't work...

Thank you for your attention !

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