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Hi, friends ! Today we will talk on my favorite theme - perfumes , and will discuss one legendary parfum from Tom Ford , fragrance of dark chocolate and truffle that is ideal for rainy autumn days. 

There are so many talks about TOM FORD BLACK ORCHID edp , some people adores it, another decided that it"s overpriced , too heavy and strange. Anyway Black Orchid already became a legend in franrant world . I was very curious and surelly tested it to make my own opinion , as on fragrantica.com there are enough both positive and negative reviews. But before share with you my experience , I would say some words about notes of this parfum (see my seris of post about different parfumes and my fragrant experience HERE) .

BLACK ORCHID was created by perfumers of the fragrant company Givaudan (as most of Tom Ford perfumes) in 2006 . It was announced as an oriental chypre. 

I have this perfume in a form of 4 original testers 1.5 ml each , and believe me this is fully enough to make your opinion about perfume as the smell is very rich and longevity is very strong , so two sprays are enough .

In my mind, Black Orchid Tom Ford is a masterpiece ! This is warm spicy , balsamic smell with the main notes  of chocolate , truffle and patchouli , a little bit sweet , and very deep , it creates introvert , "dark " atmosphere , making you attractive but mysterious person. Not every day perfume, you need definite mood to feel the whole "inner power" of this parfum. I'm very impressed by it"s rich complexity , and absolutely obsessed by Black Orchid. It reflects my personality , even can say this is me in a bottle :) if you know what I mean. 

This is timeless fragrance , this is masterpiece now and still will be a masterpiece after 10 , 20 years etc. I strongly recommend you to try this fragrance on you skin , don"t be afraid of a lot of negative reviews , this perfume is really not for everyone and not everyone will "understand" the spirit of Black Orchid , but maybe exactly ou will find it perfect for your skin and personality.

Thank you for your attention !

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