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Hi, friends! This post will not be useful :) You will not find here beauty reviews or style tips, but today we will talk about one extremly important thing - about INSPIRATION. I suppose everyone has something , that can inspire , it may be hobby, persons , books etc. It really could be a lot of thigs. For me one of my inpirational points is vintage fashion .
No, I'm not a fan of vintage shops and don't buy vintage things , but I adore to watch fashion pictures from the past , fashion magazines covers - especially Vogue - they all are not just covers but a piece of art. I like this elegance , style and atmosphere , that all these pics create. I remember , when I was a student on fashion and style courses , we have learned a lot about styles and trend of every time epoch : 20s, 30s, 50s, 60s etc. And from this moment I found this inspiration for me.  . I know that in Europe vintage theme is quite popular , vintage shops have a lot of fans and people sometimes prefer to buy some pieces with history , not just new from common shops. Even some branded things from high fashion like Chanel bags and accessories , and other brands of this level   have very high price despite long years of wearing ... And , surelly , an atmosphere in vintage shops are really awesome , there is some magic in all this things from the past... I will show you the pics I love - a little part of collection  - and I hope for you it also will be interesting to see this vintage fashion , faces , and feel some special atmosphere from the past ....

 Vogue vintage cover , 1923

 Diane Ellis and Carole Lombard , 1920s

 50s vinatge fashion

 Vanity Fair , October 1955

 50s vinatge fashion

 Photo by Alexis Stroukoff, 1975

 ELLE, Paris, September 1952

 Vogue vintage cover , April 1948

 Thank you for your attention!


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