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Hi, everyone! Today we will talk about kids fashion , will share with you trendy pieces and new kids fashion online platform . So if you are mom (like me :) I"m sure this post will be useful for you.

Summer is coming , and all we already started to refresh our seasonal wardrobe . But if you are mom , you should care also about your child wardrobe ;)  As for me, I already found some trendy and comfortable pieces for my daughter (she is 4 years old ) both for city life as well as for your vacation that we plan this summer. As a big fan of online shopping , I usually make purchases for me and my daughtter in internet . We can see a huge amount of online shops with womans clothes but when we are talking about kids clothes the choice is less. That"s why I would like  to share with you one awesome online  place where you can find fashionable kids clothes and  baby swimwear made from high quality fabric . Besides they have maching outfits for mom and baby that always look great. The online shop that I"m talking about is called Popreal , they deliver worldwide and

offer Free shipping to US order over $69, free shipping to other countries order over $89. Also there are often sales on the site , so we can find lovely clothes for reasonable prices.

Let"s see together the most pretty kids swimwear that I like ;)

 I also adore the collection of toddler rompers on Popreal.com , this one piece clothes are perfect for summer. Just pay attention for the fabric - cotton is a must for hot days. Rompers look so stylish and cute , I love bright prints and ruffles , and in my opinion (as a mom of very active child)  this kind os clothes is the most comfortable ...

Hope you enjoy this wonderful  kids collection and I inspire you to plan some fashionabe purchases for your lovely child ;)

 Thank you for your attention!

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