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Hi, everyone! Today I would like to talk with you about what to wear at home to feel yourself both comfortable and elegant , and share new fashion online place with gorgeous collection of silk sleepwear for woman and men .

I suppose , most of us , girls, usually prefer wearing at home something extremly comfy like cotton pants and t-shirts , as we mostly think about our looks when going somewhere out  and at home we are just relax. Ok than , but why not to have at least 2 or 3 beautiful sets of home clothes and sleetwear that will allow you to feel yourself as perfect elegant housewife ? ;) Especially if this home clothes will be also comfortable and of very high quality , and it"s silky touch will give incredible feeling. Besides your boyfriend/husband will surelly appreciate your style when will see you in sexy silk nightgown instead of usual cotton shorts and top, are you agree ? :)
The best place that I know where you can buy 100% pure silk  sleepwear and clothes is FreedomSilk  . On their site you will find awesome collection of nightgowns , pijama sets , shorts and shirts , woman night dress , accessories and bedding . All production is made of high quality 100% pure silk , free of toxins and allergens.  FreedomSilk offer free worldwide delivery for orders over 40$ .
So now lets see pieces that I like the most for woman ...

I especially love  these classic comfortable silk  pajamas of different colors , I think they are just wonderful ...

 Besides woman sleepwear , I also recommend you to pay attention on bedding collection on Freedomsilk . Luxury silk bedding can be found on the site , that includes bed sheet , duver cover, flat sheet , bedding sets etc.
Do you know that sleep on silk pillow can be beneficial for your skin and hair ? Cotton pillowcases can increase friction , leading to more wrinkles , whereas pure silk is more gentle to our skin (as well as for hair) and can potentially prevent wrinkles from sprouting.

By the way for you , guys , there are also trendy silk pieces on this site ! There are awesome mens pijama seta and robes , so if you not wear such kind of clothes before maybe this is the moment to try (or for you , girls, it can be great gift idea - to purchase for you boyfriend/husband/brother stylish and comfortable silk pajama , for example ). Let"s see part of mens collection ...

I hope it was interesting and useful post for you , and I inspire you to love silk sleepwear and be more elegant even at home ;)

Thank you for your attention !

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  1. The item is created with a mixture of silk and satin. Author is an expert of women silk nightgowns, go here for more interesting information.

  2. It can likewise be composed of distinct materials like satin, velvet, and sometimes even leather. Get more information about night sleepwear on this link.


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