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Hi, friends! In this post I will share with you my impression and photos about my new beauty purchase - Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick, shade 202 rose dressing.

In the moment I was looking for some brighter lipstick color, that I usually use, and my choice fall on this awesome Givenchy lipstick. I bought it on Ebay, from trusted American seller. By the way, I prefer to buy cosmetics on Ebay, both skin care cosmetics and make up products, as there are a lot of trusted sellers (you just need spend some time to find good sellers with authentic products , reading reviews from buyers , and check sales history) from all over the world , and the choice is great.  A lot of beauty products that I can find on Ebay I cann"t find in my own country Serbia.
I have choosen this lipstick in travel size, but the volume of product in reality is absolutely enough for me , because the color is not for every day use so it will not ended soon. My shade is 202 "Rose Dressing" .
Well, what can I tell about this Givenchy lipstick after I used it 3 times already.
First of all, I love the package! This is so cute , this lipstick tube so stylish , and the small black box Givenchy, where it was packed - together they look so chic and luxe.
Second, and the most important one, the color is great! Camera , unfortunatelly , can not show it propely, but I did my best to make the photos that show you this pink vibrant color well.
The texture is very soft and pleasant, the lipstick is long lasting and very moisturizing. After you eat or drink something , your lips will still have enough color, it become something like tint on lips, so there is no need to refresh lipstick every time.
So, I can say that this Le Rouge lipstick far exceeded my expectations! Love the formula, texture is great, vibrant beautiful color, that suits me perfect , long lasting , awesome package.
Will use it with pleasure for special events , when I want brighter make up.

Thank you for your attention!

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