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CLEANSING BEAUTY  ROUTINE new product :  MISSHA Super Aqua Peeling Gel ....

Hi, friends! Today I will share with you my opinion about famous korean beauty cleansing product from brand Missha .

Cleansing routine is the most important step in my beauty ritual, I adore clean skin and belive that without making your face skin perfectly clean all other steps with creams, serums etc just have no sense. I have tested a lot of cleansing products , and last years I became absolute fan of korean cleansing products, I think they are the best (together with japanese) , but surelly there are a lot of brands and some of them I like the most, other just nothing special.
One of the korean brands that I love and stil wasn"t dissappointed with their products is MISSHA. His seria of SUPER AQUA products is perfect, I already tested some of the products from this seria (find my reviews HERE) . And today I would tell you about MISSHA  SUPER AQUA PEELING GEL . This gommage peeling gel exfoliates dirt and dead skin cells from deep within for smooth skin texture. This beauty product contains fruit extracts , milk extracts, caffeine and green tea extract . It"s recommended to use it once / twice a week . For now I use it once a week, I see my skin condition and think this is enough for the moment. This peeling gel has very tender , mild action , it will not irritate skin , even sensitive skin - belive me , I"m a person with extremly sensitive skin, and a lot of products too "rude" for me, especially scrubs and peeling products. After applying this gel my skin became smooth , looks fresher and super clean, and I like it! Additional bonus is light , pleasant smell like in all products of Super Aqua seria.

How to apply : wash face and towel dry. Get an appropriate amount and apply it over the face. Gently massage face to remove dead skin cells and wasters . Rinse with water.

Hope, this post was useful for you. I strongly recommend you to pay attention to this beauty product if you are looking for something that will refresh and exfoliate your skin.
In next post I will write my review for one more new cleansing product in my beauty routine, so stay turned ;)

Thank you for your attention!

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