воскресенье, 1 сентября 2019 г.




Hi, friends! In this post I will continue telling you about our awesome summer vacation in Montenegro . Today I will share with you photos and  my thoughts about old Budva town...

As I told in previous post (see HERE) , we rent an apartent in Becici and relax on the beach there, but at the evening we often went for a walk in central part of Budva . And also two times we were in old Budva town .
The Old Budva Town is a heart of Budva, which holds the ain historical monuments and sights , such as The Citadel , ruins of the Roman therms, Churches, Archeological museum . There are a lot of narrow streets  with pretty souvenir shops, caffes and restaurants ...Old Budva town is quite similar to Kotor  (see my post from Kotor HERE), but to be honest I love Kotor more. But both in Kotor old town and Budva old town I like to feel these ancient vibes , recommend you to visit these places.
Before entry to Old  Budva there is a little port Dukley , where you can see private yachts and also boats-taxi, which can transport you to different destinations.  

Well, hope you enjoyed this post and I inspire you to visit Budva ;)  I know with 100% that I will return to Montenegro again , and than will show you more interesting places of this wonderful country!

Thank you for your attention!

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