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 Hi , friends! Let's start autumn with beauty theme. I don't stop to test new and new korean brands and beauty products, trying to find exellent items that will work efficiency on my skin (and have already found hundreds of perfect finds) . And today will show you one of my latest discoveries and explain how to use it for perfect result.
Well, let me tell you first some words about korean skin care routine rules , that's important . As you may be know, in Korea the 5 steps skin routine is famous , and this is : cleansing + toner + essence + emulsion + cream . It may seem to be ''to match' , but only on first sign, besides I have used thus system for already 2 years and can proove you that it works and skin really becames better. The product I want to show you today is for "essence step" in beauty routine . The product is ONE SLUTION SUPER ENEGRY AMPOULE (firming) by HOLIKA HOLIKA . This is high enriched elasticity ampoule with grain deep nutrition. The main components are : mung beans extracts for skin elasticity , rice extracts for antioxidant function , barley extracts for skin soothing , buckwheat seed extracts for smoothing effect . The purpose of this beauty products is obvious - help to keep skin elasticity and youth. This is additional and deep effective hepler for skin , I like such kinds of products that makes something special besides creams. How I apply it : after clean skin and use toner, I apply 3-4 drops of this essence on the skin , and after use my daily cream (sometimes I miss step with emulsion from korean system) . Thanks to auto dropping pipet it's very easy to use this product (pipet is filled when open a cup). The essence has no smell , transparent color. I use it morning and evening during skin care routien as I noticed above.
So, if you are looking for something special and want to care about skin elasticity and fresh look, I recommend you to try this product, and hope you will like it and find it usefull!


                                                          Thank you for your attention !

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