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COLORmania : BROWN . Color psychology , outfits

COLORmania : BROWN . Color psychology , combinations , outfits ...


Hi, friends! In this post I will continue my seria of posts "COLORmania" , where I write about color psychology, color combinations and example of outfits. As this kind of posts in my blog have always a lot of views, so I hope this theme is really interesting, so let"s continue. And the color of the day is BROWN.

According tradition, I will tell first some words about psychology of the color, color meaning, after will show awesome color combinations and real examples of outfits with chosen color.

What is your first association, when you think about brown color? For me they are  wood, chocolate , coffee , earth ...so it is associated the concepts  of  "all natural " and  "organic" . 
Brown in color psychology is a color of sincerity, reliability , honesty and loyalty. The brown color affects the mind and body by creating feelings of wholesomeness, stability, and peace. Brown provides feelings of organization, history, and connection, as well as cozy feelings of relaxation and warmth.
As well as in previous publiations , I will illustrate what color combinations can be made with brown color, using color palettes with nature thematics...It will show in easy way how to create the most beautiful "color union".   

Brown is  definatelly  not one of the most popular and favorite color for outfits (maybe just in accessories) , I heard a lot of times that people consider this color not attractive, dull , boring and too simple. But in reality the color is very sofisticated, chic and natural , just need to pay attantion on color combination , as we saw earlier. I found in internet examples of real outfits with brown in their looks , and let"s see and take a dose of  fashion  inspiration ;)

Hope this post was useful and you enjoed, and maybe I inspired you to pay more attention to this natural and delicate color ;)

Thank you for your attention!   

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