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Hi , friends ! In this post  will share with your my recent purchases of jewelry . I mostly prefer gold or rose gold tone bijouteria , I think these colors are better for my skin tone and my wardrobe , which is more in "warm" colors. But I also have some jewelry in silver tone. So in this post I will show you both of them - gold & silver.

I"m not a big fan of H&M jewelry , not fully satisfied with the quality , but sometimes even in H&M can be found really good things that are comfy in wearing and look chic. Some of them are this statement earrings with faux pearls. They are gorgeous , the quality is very good and they looks expensive despite of their price. Earring just a little bit heavy, at least I feel so, and will not wear them more than 4-5 hours , but I think this is not a problem as they are not for casual outfits, but for some special event and elegant style. Little black dress + these pearl earrings is one of my favorite combinations for special occasions .

In my Instagram I mostly follow french fashion bloggers, and I noticed that alread quite long time the most favorite earrings style for them are statement earrings with vintage vibes (no matter are jewelry really vintage or just made vintage style). They - bloggers - combined suh kind of earrings with everything from elegant dress to casual sweater-jeans outfit. And it looks so chic and yey catching! As a lover of delicate stud earring it takes some time for me to decide that I want to wear similar earrings, and finally I purchased these pair of earrings from Shein . I was concerned not only about style, but also about quality , but the earrings are great! Really good quality, not heavy , beautiful "right" gold color (not type of "cheap yellow") . I enjoy wearing them , combine them mostly with elegant look but will try also with casual outfits. One of my best purchases during last months!

For every day life I usually chose stud earrings , so I cann"t miss these delicate gold tone flowers earrings from greek brnad Parfois. I Parfois I like both their bags and their jewelry . Now they made , so called , premium collection of jewelry with higher quality and a little bit higher prices. And these earrings were exactly from this new collection. Very comfy, light , elegant and easy combined with all outfits. Love them !

I wear hoop earrings mostly in summer season , but prefer always to have one-two pair of hoops in my jewelery collection. These silver tone hoop earrings are from H&M , looks perfect and I"m sure that will wear them a lot when the weather will be warmer .

I rarely wear necklaces , my favorite kind of jewelry is earrings, but surelly have some necklaces in my collection. This one with evil eye pendant is from my own collection and my shop LAleTA Jewelry . I have the same on in rose gold tone , and now this new in silver color. I adore this style and necklace fits everything , adding interesting detail to the whole look...

Thank you for your attention !

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