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Hi, friends ! In this post I would like to share with you my opinion about famous Tangle Teezer hairbrush , will discuss is it really something special and if it deserves the price or not. 

I suppose most of you heard about this innovative hair brush TANGLE TEEZER . This brush was invented by professional hair colourist Shaun P. It supposed to be first detangling hairbrush with benefits. A brush that give fast and painless results as well as leaving hair healthy. By the way, Tangle Teezer can be used both on wet and dry hair. 

I purchased my Tangle Teezer in Lily drogerie, it was around 22 $ . Not the super high price but anyway it"s much more expensive than other brushes . But as I decided to give my hair more care than before, so I have purchased this famous brush with a lot of positive reviews and see if it is really so innovative and special . 

The first thing I have noticed is chic and stylish design , my one is in black - rose gold shades , looks beautiful. The form of the brush is very professionally invented so it is a pleasure to keep it in a hand and easy to apply (as you can see on the photo my brush is compact on - the - go model). 

On the box with brush you can find a lot of information about details and technology , besides there is a list with information in 9 languages inside the box. The brush made in UK.

For now I use this brush already 2 weeks and can say that this is amazing ! Tangle Teezer feels softer than normal usual brush , and I can brush my hair without half falling out ...Also I like how the brush massage my scalp . Absolutely pain free detangling , I use it for my daughter hair too , as we both had problems with detangling before. As promised by founder of Tangle Teezer they invented teeth configuration for dual action , see on the photo that there are shorter and higher teeth in , surelly this configuration provides so soft action on the hair, even on damaged hair .

After using a brush my hair looks smooth and soft , even maybe more healthy thatn before. Absolutely in love with this hairbrush , great one . 

Because of click - on cover that protect teeth , it"s easy to get the brush in the bag , which is also an advantage in my opinion. 

I thing that this beauty product is a must have for healthy and beautiful hair, and I"m very happy that I have it finally :)

Thank you for your attention !

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