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HOW TO TAKE CARE Of Malaysian Curly Hair Weave

HOW TO TAKE CARE Of Malaysian Curly Hair Weave

Amongst the different types of hair you can find in the market today, Malaysian Hair is one of the most popular hair types.

100% Malaysia hair usually has a lustrous texture, and a thick-soft silky texture as well, free from any form of smell as well as tangling. The Malaysian weave comes in a variety of hair texture which might include the wavy, the curly as well as the straight hair. You get to select from various types of Malaysian hair bundle types the perfect one that best fits your personality.
The Virgin Malaysian hair is said to be or to have little or no shedding at all, but for the curly texture, it has a normal amount of shedding. Owing to the texture of the virgin curly hair, it requires a lot of maintenance as well as care and this is what keeps it in great condition for a very long time. Every day, all you have to do is to put the curly hair in great condition and activating them with the use of water, condition mix and at times conditioning them with a moisturizing texture.
This post is directed to teach you on different ways which you can maintain your Virgin Malaysian hair and enjoy it to the end of its expected life.

Always make sure that you wash your curly weave, putting them on the head of a mannequin head. This gives you the opportunity to take full control of the washing process instead of guess if you do the washing correctly.
Endeavor to make use of shampoo for dry hair or for a hair that is chemically treated if the hair does not come from a chemically treated hair.
Do not make use of products that have mineral oils on your curly weave. It is usually best to make use of a moisturizer that is water based when spraying your hair. Abstain from brushing your curly hair when it is dry. You should only brush the hair when its wet and it should be done using a wide tooth comb. When your hair is dry, you can make use of a large toothbrush but this shouldn't be carried out more than two times a day. This is because excess combing causes frizzing as well as shedding of your curly weave.
Your hair Perruque shouldn't undergo a straightening process more than twice on a monthly basis as this can cause a lot of damages to your hair. It is also not advisable to straighten the hair at all, as it is a human weave hair, it will break with constant heating. Even if you have to straighten your hair, minimum heat should be used.

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