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TEA TIME : ALL THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW . Health benefits , types ...

Hi, friends ! Being a big fan of tea and drinking it a lot during all my life , I decided to share in this  post some useful and interesting information about tea types, tea health benefits , what I prefer and where I buy. Maybe after reading this post you will become one of us - tea lovers :)

When you will ask me : tea or coffee ? I will always tell : TEA ! Not because of the taste only , but because tea is not only a drink for me.  This is a process. Time of relaxing , enjoying and time for myself. Besides I feel myself better , when drink my usual 3-5 cups of tea in a day . And there is an explanation why this drink is so good for your health and why this is a precious drink for thousands of centuries.
Numerous researches have confirmed that tea may boost your immune system , low blood pressure, relieve inflammation , reduce oxidative stress (thanks to flavonoids) , may reduce risk of heart attack and stroke. Sounds good , is it ?

Let's now see what types of tea we know : 
GREEN TEA  , BLACK TEA , WHITE TEA , HERBAL TEA , OOLONG , PU ERH .   Every type of tea has it's specific smell, taste , qualities . Surelly people prefer different types of this hot drink. My favorite types are green tea , oolong and rooibos.

Now living in Belgrade , Serbia , I have a little problem - tea is not widely popular drink here (comparing to Russia , for example) , it's quite hard to find big variety of tea here because of low demand...

I found a solution and the place where I buy favorite tea online and sure in high quality and fast delivery. In CHINESETEA4U there can be easy found all types of tea that you like : from Pu Erh to Oolong , from White tea or Rooibis to even Lavender flower tea. High quality , reasonable prices and good service in addition. 

If you , like me , love tender milk smell and taste of Oolong tea - you can find it in Chinesetea4u.

Prefer Green tea , which is high in flavonoids and can help boost you health ? Well, here is best green tea online...

Classic Black tea , strange Lapsang Souchong or exotic Fu Ding White Tea ? No problem , buy it here ...

I hope this post was intetesting for you , don't hesitate to check the site Chinesetea4u to see all cathegories and types of tea that they have - this interesting even for knowing all huge amount of existing tea types , some of them maybe yoy will see for the first time . Also you can check their prices and contact for all necessary information.

Thank you for your attention !

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