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Hi , friends! In this post I will share with you my opinion about three korean beauty products . They are Premier Collagen Cream of ENPRANI brand , Blemish After Cream of MIZON brand and Canola Honey Lip Balm of INNISFREE brand.

Let's start with PREMIER COLLAGEN CREAM of EMPRANI. And , by the way, it will be beauty product , that I like the less of all these three.
This cream , in a very beautiful package , formulated with
adenosine to improve fine lines ,
and highly concentrated marine collagen to improve elasticity. The cream has light yellow color and standart "creamy" smell. Well, I don't know ...It's overall ok, but seems a light too "heavy" for my skin, besides it makes my combined oily skin a little bit more oily . Not the best one from korean creams that I've tested, really. Usually they have lighter texture and gives more moisture fot my skin , without making it oily . For example , last month I purchased and used already third time one of my favorite face skin cream from Nature Republic ( I made a post about him early ). So , I surelly will use this Enprani cream until it ends, but without pleasure unfortunatelly and will not buy it again.

MARK - X  BLEMISH AFTER CREAM from MIZON. This is really a great product! You need this if you have blemish areas on your skin ( I often have redness on my checks, especially from one side ) , or post acne , irritated skin or some other skin issues. You will see the difference in 2 days! This cream contains propolis extract  12,5 % and Centella asiatica extract  , use it as a spot treatment and your skin soon will looks and feels much better! Cream has yellow color and light herbal smell. Awesome beauty product , that I strongly recommend if you have such kind of skin problems.

INNISFREE  CANOLA HONEY LIP BALM INTENSIVE MOISTURE . For now this is my favorite lip balm ! This product contains Jeju canola honey extract , canola seed oil and mango seed butter . So tender texture , awesome moisture qualities and gentle honey scent.  Lip balm makes lips so beautiful and "juicy", lips look like you used lipgloss , not just a lip balm. Gorgeous product for lip care , that makes it's work on 100% !

Hope this post was useful and find some interesting information about really good beauty products.

Thank you for your attention !

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